Who Wants a FREE Barb Wire Wreath?

Spring Barb Wire Wreath

Spring is in the air!

Want a chance at a FREE spring-themed barb wire wreath!?  Go to our Facebook page to enter!  Giveaway ends Wednesday, March 13, 2019!

Want a wreath – we can do that!

The wreath pictured here is approximately 18″ in diameter and retails for $40.  We also offer a wreath that is approximately 30″ in diameter (see Facebook page profile).  Each wreath created will be priced according to materials used.

Contact us to order!

Win a Barb Wire Wreath!
Win this wreath!

Interested in making your own?

Would you like to get some friends together for a barb-wire-wreath-making-good-time?

Contact us to schedule a class!


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