The Science Is In – Get Your Vitamin D

I came across a magazine called “Mary Jane’s Farm” a few years ago and immediately fell in love!  It had simple articles of how-to’s, farming, gardening, cooking, and general feel-good stories.

Rainbow Finds

In the latest issue I found (because I sadly don’t subscribe), there was an article entry about the importance of Vitamin D.  We all know that we need Vitamin D, but thanks to the increase in skin cancer we seem to be avoiding sun exposure like the plague.  Since I believe in being outdoors – enjoying fresh air, sunshine, and dirt – I thought I would share it with you!

Another thing to consider with sun exposure – seasonal depression.  Mental health issues are on the rise, and from personal experience, I know that spending time outside, even in those nasty, freezing temperatures, has done myself and my Farm Dog good!  In fact – sometimes we’re even more active!  The weather may be bitter cold, but when we dress right and go on active walks, we’re warm in no time; compare that to the summer when temperatures soar over 100-degrees, I’d rather go on our hikes in the winter!

Article found in Mary Jane’s Farmmagazine, Apr-May 2018, but shared from Dr Laura Koniver, MD’s, website:


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