First Spring Garden Tour

This time of year I tend to start doing “walkabouts” around the farm to see what’s growing and how it’s coming.  I was so surprised at how things were progressing!

First Spring Garden Tour
Checking plants around the farm this early was really surprising! I’m so excited!

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I couldn’t believe what I was finding! 
Our winter has been exceptionally cold, wet (snow, rain and ice), and LONG!  I figured everything was still pretty dormant, but not so!

The farm’s owner before Colton, Ethel, was quite the gardener.  She has many plants I had never heard of.  Over the years some have disappeared, but slowly we’re bringing them back and adding more.

For more of an in-depth look, check out the Spring Garden Tour video
at the bottom of the page!

Ethel had planted several different daylilies and irises around the farm.  I saved a few from a “scrub pile” last summer, thinking Colton was going to be taking a backhoe to it to get rid of some junk trees, and relocated them.  NEVER plant mulberry trees, and if you need to get rid of them, a chainsaw or pruner will only make them mad!  You have to use Tordon to kill any growth or pull them out including the roots.  The daylilies are still dormant, but the irises seem to be trying to poke out.  Since irises bloom earlier I’m not too worried about the daylilies.

We also have “surprise lilies” or “resurrection lilies” – they have leaves in the spring/summer, the leaves die back, and then one day you have this stalk poke out and several lily flowers gradually open.  It’s so interesting!  I did replant some of them, too, into a more traditional flower bed location.  Still have a bunch of bulbs left, but I don’t know if they would take as I stored them in a cabinet all winter.  Hopefully they’ll act like a regular bulb flower and just be dormant!


I love tulips, so last fall when I saw some at the store I couldn’t say no!  They were a

double-petal tulip and a dark purple almost black tulip.  My history of tulip growing is pretty poor, but I was so surprised when I found these poking out of the soil!

THAT, my friends, is a tulip poking out!

I also bought a couple of “big bulbs” because they looked interesting, but so far – nothing.



Last summer, mom and I got a clematis.  It’s a flowering vine and you can get many different colors and “looks” – from soft, big petals, to small petals, to more “spikey” petals.  You can even get annual clematis varieties that look like black eyed susans.  I planted ours in this location because there was a trellis Ethel had put on the house, so I wanted some sort of vining plant.  It’s not the most ideal place for clematis, as they require sun, so I was excited when I found a tiny little bud poking out!




Of course, about a week prior I noticed that the hellebore flour was starting to bloom!  I fell in love with these once I learned about them – I wanted flowers to last as long as possible in the yard, and this is a plant that produces flowers early.  They do come in different colors, but I’m not sure what color ours will be until it blooms – I got it on sale from a nursery last fall.  I did plant a few seeds in my winter sowing jugs, so we’ll see if they take.



And I couldn’t believe what I saw in the winter sowing jugs!  LETTUCE!  It might not seem very spectacular, but it means that something is growing!  I planted these on March 10, and within a week to ten days I have lettuce sprouts!  It makes me wonder if we could try growing microgreens throughout the year to eat ourselves or offer for sale.  Another experiment to add to the list!

Of course, there are plenty more plants around the farm, and a lot of work to do!  We still need to prune fruit trees and bushes, rake out beds; when the ground is thawed more – till the garden and start planting!

Want to see more of our garden?  Check out our YouTube video!  What’s growing in your garden?  Find any surprises this year?  Anything you’re particularly excited about?  Tell us in the comments!


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