The Cat Ate My Gravy!

So I thought up a “Blender Bottle Hack”!

You know those blender bottles?  The ones that you get when you’re on a health-kick?  They have the little squiggly wire ball thing in a plastic cup that makes it easy to dump your stinky powdery stuff, top off with water, and shake so you don’t have powdery glumps when you drink it.  And then after you forget it one or two mornings on your way to work it gradually migrates to the back of a cupboard.

Yeah.  That blender bottle.

The Cat Ate My Gravy!

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While I’m sure there are hundreds of others who have had the revelation before me, I’m so excited at my new-found “Blender Bottle Hack” I just had to share it!

First off – check out this Roast Recipe where I “introduced” and used it.  I had the epiphany to use it there first.


Then – new idea.  Gravy.

My Mysterious Half-Full Bowl of Gravy

Once upon a time, I cooked chicken and made gravy for a Chicken Pot Pie.  After making the gravy, I put it in a bowl on the stove to cool.  Took a nap.  Woke up and Colton came back into the house and we wondered for a few hours what happened to the gravy – the bowl had been full, but it was about half-full now, with bits of gravy on the stove and some weird “hole”, as if it had exploded an air pocket.  Gravy will settle and shrink a little as it cools – but not half a bowl.


Tom The Gravy-Eating-Bandit Cat


Enter Tom the Cat.  Tom has an unknown past until he came to Colton.  And since then he has become one of the most spoiled, weirdest cats I’ve ever met.  Not typically a cat person, I’ve warmed up to him.  Until now.

Now it’s war.

Colton says there’s no proof and he’s innocent, but we all know what happened.  There was no “air bubble”, there were no “aliens”, Raisin was outside (and she would have had the bowl and contents everywhere – and empty), Melby won’t climb on the counters, I was asleep, and Colton was working outside.  That left one culprit.

The Tom the Cat ate my gravy!!

And nobody messes with my gravy!

But then I needed to make more gravy, because what is a chicken pot pie without half the gravy?  (And yes – we still used part of it, even though Tom had his greedy face in it; I wasn’t about to waste good gravy!)

Enter blender bottle.

When I made the gravy the first round I was a wee bit lazy … I just dumped the flour (and chicken flavor bouillon stuff) in the grease and butter and chastised myself as I stirred and stirred and stirred.  And smashed clumps around, scraped the spatula, and stirred some more.  But since I had to replace the gravy that Tom the Cat consumed I needed to make it again.  This time – smarter!

What was I going do to fix the stirring frustration?  I put all my powder requirements in the blender bottle with a bit of water (or milk if you desire) and “blended” away.  Once all the clumps were gone I poured it into the pan to heat, added any more necessary water/milk, and voila – more gravy!

I use a blender bottle similar to this one and at 20 oz it does everything I need.  If you want a bigger (32 oz) bottle, try this one.

Tom the Cat can be a covert stink-pot, but I guess he will – eventually – be forgiven.  Maybe.

The funny part is, I posted “If anybody wants a gravy stealing cat … I have one. Good price. Bad home. Otherwise he’s getting fed to the dog. Now comes in chicken flavor. Grain free.” on Facebook on my personal profile and Facebook changed it to a Marketplace/For Sale add!  While I was pretty mad at him, I knew that Colton wouldn’t appreciate me giving up his cat!  So I guess the cat can stay.  For now.  He’s on probation – and I’m on alert!

What about you – has your cat gotten into anything it shouldn’t?  Do you have a strange cat like Tom (there are more “Tom moments” than this)?  How do you make gravy?  Tell us in the comments!

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Insider Alert – I’ve figured out more ways to use a “blender bottle hack” in the kitchen, such as adding seasonings to chili and making pizza sauce for my “Nancy’s Pizza”!  Subscribe to get automatic updates!


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