We’re Headed to a Show!

Be sure to add this to your calendar – May 11, 2019, Towanda, Illinois, at the “Old Rugged Barn“!  We’re headed to the “Celebrate MOMZ Craft Show“!

I think this will be a perfect first show for us – especially since it’s in an older barn!  It’s been a crazy spring (and about to be an even crazier summer), but I felt it necessary to branch out our “business” and drum up more!  Depending on how this show goes we might go to their July show or check out a few local, smaller events in the area.  So if you’re a coordinator – check out our “Products” page (or check out some items below) and see if you’d be interested in anything!  Send me the info, and we’ll chat!

What I’m hoping to take:

  • Barbed Wire Wreaths
  • Barbed Wire Balls
  • Upcycled/Restored pieces (depends on what we still have)
  • Plants – if the tomatoes and peppers are up by then, some salad “bowls” and cut greens, maybe a few zucchini plants …
  • Repurposed Farm Pieces, such as old and rusty grain sieves, chain gears, tool boxes
  • “Grain Sack Curtain” (post to come!)
  • Anything else we can stick in the truck and get together!

Of course, I’m great at getting myself into things!  I signed up for this show, thinking I had a ton of time to get ready, and we’re already less than two weeks away and I’m starting to realize there is still a lot to do!  Displays that will fit in this booth space but could hopefully transfer to other fairs/shows, the “office supplies” necessary for promoting a business and running a booth, enough inventory to last the day (and who knows how much that is!?), bringing everything I want, having the space in the truck and booth for it, as well as figuring out how to NOT make it a hodge-podge mess … Oye!

And yet – there are still many more things I would like to offer!  There are so many potential projects.  I stumbled into “Bringing Farm Life to Life” as a slogan and now it seems perfect for our generation of people and current style trends, as well as our philosophy in life.  Simplicity, ingenuity, core values and beliefs.

I repotted some plants to take, and of course immediately after it started pouring rain – for days.  Hopefully they survive (and thrive) but I don’t have a great greenhouse-type area to keep them safe, so we’ll see!  More potting to be done, too!

Potting up some Zucchini
These winter sown zucchini plants will travel to the craft show so others can enjoy their flowers and fruit!

I still have some floral stock for barbed wire wreaths, and am in love with these black bags!  I was able to get a picture of our business card copied to add a label – nearly-free advertising!

Something that I haven’t talked about much (or at all!?) – sewing!  I made a “drop cloth” shower curtain for Colton last year and fell in love!  So I made a few small curtains with the leftover fabric and fell in love even more!  This piece is leftover jeans being used as part of my “office supplies” inventory – an apron to wear so I can stash cash, pens, receipt paper, etc.  My mom and I did a garage sale last year and it was a good thing it was cold because we were constantly stashing things in our pockets!  I thought this might look a little more unique and give me a better, more professional way, to conduct business, especially if I’m not wearing a hoodie with extra pockets!


Have anything you’d like to see or a suggestion we should take or start making?  We’d love to hear your ideas!  Check out our Etsy Store, Products page, or Facebook page for current available products.

Are you a vendor?  What are some of your projects or suggestions for shows?  Let us know in the comments!

And – of course – come down to Towanda to the “Old Rugged Barn” and check us out, as well as the other vendors!  Help spread the word by sharing their page and event!


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