EXTRA – Introducing “JCT SIP”!

It’s no secret what’s going on in the world.  It’s been stressful to say the least.  But I/Jen decided to have some fun!  So – I’ll try to make a video every day and post to help combat the boredom for us all!  (Depending on if it takes HOURS to download and create like the last time … [insert angry emoji]).

Check out “SIP Day 1: It’s Only the Beginning”!  Yes, I do go on a bit of a rant.  This is not meant to be a controversial thing, merely stating my views and exploring some options.  I’m also just trying to provide some good ol’ entertainment for those cooped up like me.  And the chickens.  But that’s a different topic. ;P

BIG NEWS – we’re getting more pullets!  Since the egg demand suddenly increased, I went and did the (ir)rational thing of ordering pullets that are close to laying – find out more in the video!

As an aside – I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on a Facebook group created for our area geared towards connecting local farmers with consumers.  We are a small community, but I don’t think people realize the local resources around them.  Post in the comments or contact me in one of the other many ways (Facebook, email, phone …)

Stay safe everyone!  Tell us what YOU want to see during the hiatus and let us know how you’re doing!


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