EXTRA – JCT SIP Weekly Update

Well – I did it!  Mostly … I posted videos every day except Sunday, March 29, to give myself (and my phone – our only source of internet and video) a break.

Battery Operated Chainsaw
One of my favorite tools – a battery operated chainsaw! Cuts through wood like butter!

This isn’t my typical blog post timing, but I wanted to be sure I let everyone know a few things:

– if you are one of our supporters or customers, THANK YOU for your continued support!

Two-A – I’m still videoing, and will try to continue this crazy adventure as long as I can.  Once I’m back to “normal” work, things will change.

Two-B – I built a special page for our vlog – you can click HERE or check out the tab above.  This way you can always find our channel!

Three – Things are finally GROWING!!  I will have a plant list in our normal April 5th blog post.  But the extra fun part …

Four – for signing up for our newsletter you will receive a free download – From Our Garden to Yours!  In it I list some of the fun herbs we are trying to grow this year along with a few recipes so you can learn how use them!  (Existing newsletter subscribers will be receiving it shortly if not already).

Five – we got more chickens!  If you weren’t following the vlog or Facebook page you might have missed the part where we purchased more pullets – almost laying age hens!  We picked them up a couple days ago and they are getting used to their new home.  Due to all the egg requests – and shortages – we decided to increase our flock size.  Please contact us if you are wanting eggs – we do have a customer list (and a wait-list for new customers)!

Again – thank you everyone for your support!  You guys keep us going through hard times!

Agriculture and farming are so close to our hearts and we hope that during these difficult, scary times we can offer an island of strength in our community.  Please reach out to us with any questions – and encouragements.  Sometimes we need to hear those friends!


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