Sunflower Kit Mania!

I couldn’t believe it!  I really could NOT believe it!

I blame our neighbor – he had sunflowers last year for his bees and I thought they were intriguing, so I ordered a variety for fun.  Then I ordered 3 more … In planting some for ourselves as well as to offer in our plant sale (if it ever happens at this rate) I knew the seeds could last for another season, but why not try something to help supplement the garden fund as well as use up the seeds?

I got this idea to put together a “grow kit” with some of my leftover sunflower seeds.  Not everyone needs 50-100 sunflower seeds.  They just want a couple to try out and the rest may get thrown away or forgotten.  I started mine in little 5 oz cups (I’m chea – uh, FRUGAL), so figured others could as well.  I also started mine in some amazing compost.  Not everyone wants to purchase a $10 bag of seed starting mix from the store.  Greenhouse atmosphere for our still-cold zone 5a?  Problem solved – ziplock bags!

So I got something together with an info card that I had started with plant information for the aforementioned plant sale, added directions for planting, put the simple things together (I had used “post-its” for mini seed packets) and voila!

A Sunflower Growing Kit!

Sunflower Grow Kit
This super simple sunflower kit has been an amazing product offer for us! We are so happy to have offered something that people find fun and rewarding!

I listed them on Facebook Marketplace.  And – again – I couldn’t believe it.  I think about 20 kits and six days later I’ve finally hit a lull!  I had to get more supplies – more cups, more baggies, more seeds … I had a relative in the ‘burbs want some for her patio and since two varieties were the super-tall type, I found a few container friendly varieties.  Which leads me to wanting to offer a “container friendly” kit!

I posted the idea in one of my farmer Facebook groups – the likes and comments were amazing!  I was so grateful!  And I couldn’t believe people were loving it, brainstorming things to make themselves and offer for their customers, at farmers markets, using up leftover seeds … Have I said I couldn’t believe it!?

I can’t be the only one to have brainstormed a grow kit of some sort.  Walk into the store and you can find something for herbs.  I don’t know if it’s the seeds/plants, organic compost, simplicity, or cost (my costs are low so the price of the kits are low), or they’re just a great idea, especially for parents looking for something for their kids to do now that they’re out of school.  But I’m so excited – and feel so blessed!

So if you would, please help!  Please send me your ideas for grow kits!  People are just starting their gardens, and while I may not be able to get them this year, I can always prepare for next year!  A squash/zucchini packet maybe?  Beans/peas?  Other flowers??

If you are interested in a grow kit, please contact me!  Shipping is available!

Varieties listed in the card picture have had to change due to seed availability but I find comparable varieties.  The container-friendly packet has a few I might even need to add to my garden!  I’m even considering offering them on Etsy so even more people can enjoy a small sunflower garden.

A group of ladies who purchased kits were so excited they started a Facebook group to follow each others’ progress (if you purchased a kit and are interested in joining, contact me for information).  To help with the questions I also made a YouTube Grow Kit Tutorial.  The directions are available on the card but are not in-depth enough for everyone.

Needless to say – I can’t believe it!  These kits took off, and I couldn’t be happier!  If you’re interested in a kit, please contact me.  Each kit contains enough organic compost to fill the four cups – one for each variety of sunflower.  I have 2 seeds per “packet”, so you’ll get at least 8 seeds (I tend to throw in a couple extra!).

We also have plant starts!

The broccoli is almost sold out but we do still have some starts for sale.  The greenhouse is getting so packed full of plants I need to make more room!  A few sunflowers and squash could find new homes; herbs are slowly but surely maturing.  The tomatoes and peppers are finally starting to take off with the heat we had a few days ago.  If you have made your “shopping list” from our Garden Roster, please let me know what you would like – I would seriously like more room to move around!

Please contact us for plant starts, sunflower kits, fresh eggs, and whatever else we can come up with!  Even though this is a difficult time for everyone we are genuinely excited for what we can offer our community!  #FarmerStrong !


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