Six Hundred Popsicle Sticks Later

I swear – I’ve used at least 600 popsicle sticks so far and I’m already almost out again.

Our 2020 Plant Sale is almost here!  Only a few days away (May 9).  Since there is still a lot to do, here are some highlights!


For those coming to the sale, here are some helpful resources!

  • 2020 JCT Plant Sale Order Form – to help with social distancing, please read through; we can have your order ready to go “drive through style” if you wish.
  • 2020 Plant Sale Pricing – I THINK these are the plants we will having!  Pricing subject to change just as a disclaimer for if something happens to the plants!
  • 2020 Plant Information* – Here are the plants with pictures and blurbs about them if you’re not familiar with each plant!  Also some ideas on how to use them.  If you haven’t already signed up for our newsletter, be sure to do so – we have a free Herb Info download right now with more information about and recipes for herbs!
  • *I chose these plants because they were ones I wanted to grow in our garden this year.  That’s why you don’t see things like kale, spinach, and cucumbers.  That being said – be sure to let us know what you want to see next year!  We would love to learn and grow and offer food/plants YOU want!

I wasn’t going to sell the lettuce (in fact – we will be giving away one box and the bowl is already sold), but after seeing what the store had to offer there is no question that people need to have one of these!  Sorry to “rat out” the store, but this is sad.  More and more people are seeking out plants and seeds to grow their own food and they are still offered at full price but with some serious issues.  We may only have a couple available, but I’ve learned for next year!

We will also have some “other” things during the sale!

Speaking of which – notes for next year:

  • BUY.  IN.  BULK.  Popsicle sticks and plastic cups.  Insane amounts used and I’m still a small gardener/nursery.
  • Plant more unique crops – squash, lettuce, cucumbers.
  • We might need a bigger greenhouse …

And of course Farm Dog Raisin loves to supervise things!  She has been so happy with me home and us both outside so much!


I’m sure there are a TON of things I’m forgetting but I’m running out of time to remember!  Please let us know how you’re doing and what you’re thoughts are on next year’s plant sale – what should we grow??  How should we re-invest in our farm?

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