Local Farm Kids.  Local Farm Produce.  Local Farm Love.

When people ask how we met, we really don’t have a good answer!  We crossed paths even as kids growing up – we were in the same 4-H group, Colton helped my dad bale hay as a teenager; we only lived a few miles apart – and now live between our two sets of parents and childhood homes.

We both grew up in farming families.  Farming is close to our hearts.  The farm lifestyle, ethics of hard work and adaptation, and the farming community are just a few things that come to mind when we consider why we love farming.

The genesis of this website was an outlet for Jen to write about her love and views on farming; to provide a platform for some of her recipes, decor and craft ideas, and hopefully sell the extra farm produce and her crafts.

In 2019 Jen’s dad, Larry, decided to get some chickens.  Since he got so many, Jen had to find a sales outlet for all the eggs (mom, Kathy, could only make so much egg custard!).  The demand was just keeping up with the supply.  Then, in spring of 2020 when “the virus” hit, the supply couldn’t keep up with demand.  The year-old chickens weren’t laying as well, stores were out of eggs and, most importantly, more people wanted to know where their food was coming from; they wanted to buy local – and they started understanding the value of local produce.

So, in 2020 we grew the square footage of the garden to provide more for ourselves, family, friends, and the market.  We joined the local Princeton Farmer’s Market (Illinois).  We purchased more pullets to offer more eggs and licensed with the state to sell eggs off the farm at the market.  While the year’s circumstances were not pleasant, they were the perfect storm of conditions to grow our farm!

If you’re in the Wyanet/Princeton, Illinois, area and looking for local, farm fresh eggs, garden produce, or that special farm decor touch, please consider contacting us We’d love for you to try our eggs – we hear they’re pretty awesome!

Hopefully this site brings you a step closer to the farm life we live and love.

Blessings from the Farm,

Colton and Jen

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