Sometimes I (Jen) wonder if we’ve been born in the right era, and then I say yes – I enjoy indoor plumbing and craft stores! We were lucky to have grown up in the age of convenience, but raised with an amazing farming foundation. Nothing compares to the values and experiences found on a farm. Nothing!

For years I have had outlandish “farm dreams” – a garden, maybe a few chickens (Hollands are my future choice), cattle (Scottish Highland to be exact), or other livestock to raise and process for our supply as well as to sell. Recently I’ve “acquired” a fiance who is slowly realizing that I may follow through with my crazy ideas – and while he pretends to grumble and complain, I’m pretty sure he’s just as excited! Good thing he’s a pretty good mechanic and tractor operator …

I’ve also been a crafter/fixer – sewing buttons on my dad’s shirt at a very early age, art in school, random photographer, wrenching on equipment in the machine shed or horse barn, a glue and duct-tape fetish, paint up my arms, and my recent projects with my dad leading me down barbed wire escapades (never knew I could get whacked in the face so much or so easily without much damage from barbed wire!), and along with the acquired fiance – an acquired old farmhouse in need of some genuine Tender, Loving, Care (goodbye bachelor pad – hello paint and giant tool box!! Oh – and our first Christmas Tree adventure has me craving a battery operated chainsaw!).

This barely blooming website is a venue for us to offer our farm insights and experiences. I have loved what we’ve created so far – up-cycled furniture, hand-painted board signs, repurposed finds, barbed wire decor; all with a “farmhouse design” feel, only different – because not only is it a REAL farmhouse, but many products I’ve found from “junk” lying around on a farm or our small farming community and uniquely ours.  Add that to the ever-increasing garden, a love of cooking and baking, and of course animals and all this “farm,” we hope this site brings you a step closer to the farm life we live and love.

Enjoying our journey,

Colton and Jen

Interested in seeing more?

Check out these links for products, videos, and more!

  • Products Check out this page if you’re interested in the items we create and find!  See something you like but it’s out of stock or you want a slight tweak?  We can do custom orders or can look for an item for you!
  • Etsy Store We opened an Etsy store to offer our unique items for sale!
  • YouTube Channel:  Watch as we do updates to the farm, work on the garden, cook in the kitchen, talk about our dogs and livestock.
  • Pinterest:  Interested in seeing what we pin?  Check it out!
  • Ibotta:  Trying to save some money on groceries?  Check out Ibotta – you could even get a bonus for signing up with me!
  • Blog:  Just want to follow along with us on our journey?  Check out or blog and subscribe for posts to automatically be sent to you!
  • Facebook:  Follow us on Facebook!

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