Multi-Dinner Chicken Recipes!

We love to eat – and we LOVE this recipe that takes one whole chicken and turns it into two meals for an army!

Playing Catch-Up!

Our year keeps chugging along, giving us more to do than we can accomplish, but we are excited to continue offering eggs and meat to our community while getting farm projects done!

Gettin’ A Hankerin’

About once a year I get a craving for these AMAZING stuffed peppers! I may not try another recipe because I love it so much!

For the Love of Pie!

I remember going to my grandma’s for the day, or even overnight, and she would have to find various ways to entertain me.  I couldn’t have been much older than 4-6 and I’d laugh at the way she cooled coffee on her saucer and drank it, begged for chocolate ice cream, made brownies and fudge…

DIY-ing Homemade Hamloaf

I don’t know how or why – but I LOVE hamloaf!  I’m not even a huge ham or meatloaf person, but for some reason, this stuff is one of my favorites! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn…

I Never Made A Spaghetti Sauce I Liked

Until now! My mom – for all her wonderful cooking – never made her own spaghetti sauce.  She made her own lasagna sauce, but never spaghetti.  So I (mostly) did the same; I just found a jar of sauce I liked.  And I kept using it.  Once in a while I’d try a spaghetti sauce…

The Cat Ate My Gravy!

So I thought up a “Blender Bottle Hack”! You know those blender bottles?  The ones that you get when you’re on a health-kick?  They have the little squiggly wire ball thing in a plastic cup that makes it easy to dump your stinky powdery stuff, top off with water, and shake so you don’t have…