Farm Fresh Eggs

Our little flock of girls started in 2019 with Jen’s dad, Larry, deciding he needed some chickens for eggs. Then, in March of 2020, we couldn’t keep up with the demand of farm fresh eggs and started our own flock. After a lot of encouragement by a local farmer, we decided to take our eggs to the Princeton Farmer’s Market where we couldn’t keep up with demand there!

In 2021 we have found an amazing new home for “Dad’s girls” who weren’t producing at optimal levels, are switching our (current) 26 red-sex-link hens to Dad’s coop, and bringing in new pullets into “Jack’s Coop”, our coop named after my chicken-loving grandfather, Jack.

We have had many comments about how amazing our eggs are and hope to continue providing excellent eggs! Farm fresh eggs are not only that – fresh! – they also provide higher amounts of vitamins and nutritional value due to allowing the birds fresh air, access to sun, bugs, grass, and activity.

Are you a local store interested in offering farm fresh eggs to your customers? We have our Illinois Egg License and can help you with that!

Be sure to contact us* if you’re interested in local, ethically raised, fresh farm eggs!

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Dad and his chickens – both goofballs!