Farm Fresh Meat

More information to come!

We are doing some research into offering Farm Fresh Meat, starting with chickens! If this is something you are interested in, or are looking for a local producer for other meat, please contact us! If we don’t have it we may know someone who does and would be happy to refer you!

Want Chicken? First, make sure you have signed up for our Farm Fresh E-Newsletter for first access to information! We are not planning to have any chicken available until the end of May/first of June. We will have limited quantities available as whole chickens. If you have a special order, please contact us before May 15 so we can tell the processor accordingly. Pre-sales are available for a $10 deposit per bird and payable through PayPal, cash or check before processing. Birds not picked up within 10 days of notification will forfeit their deposit and are subject to being sold to someone else.

The birds we order will be Cornish Cross chickens and can dress out to a 4-7 lb carcass. They are a hybrid bird that are fast growing but known to be tasty, especially when raised on the farm! Our birds will be ethically raised with as much access to fresh air, sunshine and pasture as we can provide!