Farm Fresh Meat

These “chicken blobs” will be “chicken dinner” before long! They’re enjoying their time in our chicken tractor, pecking and scratching for bugs and grass but primarily eat feed.

How fresh is your meat?

You can’t get any fresher than from your local farmer!

Cornish-Cross Chickens are known for their rapid growth and “meatiness”. When raised on the farm, being raised ethically with as much access to fresh air, sunshine and pasture as we can provide, we believe this will enhance their flavor and nutritional value to our customers!

A Note on Quality: these are ethically raised, farm fresh meat chickens. We are so proud of not only our product but the care we put into our livestock. How many of you know when your meat was butchered? How many know where it lived? How it was cared for? It’s an honor for us to provide food to our community and give these birds as great a life as we can provide!

2023 Butcher Dates:

  • May 25
  • June 30
  • August 4
  • September 14

Want Chicken?

We sell on-farm and at the Princeton Farmers Market (Princeton, IL, Saturdays, 8:30-1:00). These butcher dates are right before a market with the plan being to offer “beyond fresh” chicken – meaning the market following the butcher date will have refrigerated chicken with some frozen chicken. We hope this will be the perfect answer for your supper that night or weekend – a farm fresh meal thanks to the local farmer’s market!


Pricing for 2023 is $4/lb whole bird. Parted pricing TBD. All are subject to change (please contact us for current pricing).

Contact us for availability or questions! We’re still learning, but are excited to offer something special to our customers!