We are constantly working on some “project”, be it the barn, house, tractors, horses, or a new barb wire idea.  Sometimes we might have a few too many on our plates, but somehow they get done!

Now that we’re adding on a blog, a Facebook page, and a YouTube channel, and an Etsy store we have a LOT of projects going on!

Since we do have so much, we are offering “Products”!  These are things that have inspired us one way or another – either we couldn’t stand seeing them sitting in a corner, or they remind us of our childhood; we might repurpose antique farm items or our new-found love of barb wire takes on unique and unusual uses!

For our most up to date available items, please check out our Facebook page or Etsy store.  Sometimes we even run specials and giveaways on our Facebook page!

Of course – if you see something you love, contact us for availability.  We may not have it in stock, but we can make to order!  If you have an idea, but are needing a source for items or someone to build it – let us know.  We’d be happy to help your vision become a reality!

Depending on the season we may have the following items available:

  • Garden produce such as tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, beans, and herbs
  • Chicken Eggs (farm-raised, fresh, local, and free-range when possible).  Check our Facebook Page for availability.
  • Livestock manure
  • Barb wire wreaths, trees, balls, or other custom work
  • Upcycled furniture
  • Pallet and barn wood art
  • Antiques – both farm-oriented and other random ones that strike our fancy!


Items for Sale:

Shipping available unless otherwise noted.
Items subject to change without notice.  Contact us for availability and custom orders.

Spring Barb Wire Wreath

Spring Barb Wire Wreath
Available on Etsy
This unique barb wire wreath was created with spring in mind! Orange, pink, and light green ranunculus flower swag around a spring-themed bow of green, pink, and yellow to stand out against the barb wire wreath.

We wrapped this wreath with nine layers to make it as sturdy as the fence it made. Silk flowers can be used outside or indoors. The barb wire will rust/patina even more over time if outside. We repurposed the old barb wire fence to bring the Farm Life and farmhouse style to you!
Great statement piece for a barn door, front door, entryway, fireplace mantle, and more! So many options for the country, homestead, or farmhouse vibe. Hang from any point on the wreath!
Approximately 22″ at largest diameter. May need “fluffing” after shipment.

Burlap Pillow and Rocking Chair

Burlap Lumbar Pillow*
Available on Etsy
This burlap pillow would be a great accent piece to your decor! Approximately 15″ x 7.5″ .  Provides rustic charm and unique character for your country or farmhouse style.
*Other burlap bags/pillows available!

White Antique Rocking Chair
Available for pickup or local meet
Antique rocking chair painted with exterior white paint.  Missing one spoke in armrest but still sturdy and beautiful!  $20

Cotton and Eucalyptus Barb Wire Wreath

Rustic Barb Wire Wreath
Available on Etsy
Cotton stems and eucalyptus on this wreath accent the rustic feeling of barb wire and make a great contrast of sharp and soft.  Accented with a burlap and navy ribbon.  This wreath is recommended for indoor use only, but would make a great accent piece anywhere – entry, kitchen, living room, on a fire mantle or chair.  Bring the rustic charm of farm life into your home!  Wreath measures approximately 24″.  May need “fluffing” after shipment.
Peacock Inspired Barb Wire Wreath

Peacock-Inspired Barb Wire Wreath
Available on Etsy
Edgy peacock-inspired barb wire wreath! Real-feel purple anemone flower surrounded by grasses and navy buds with a peacock ribbon and a few shocks of electric blue and feathers. These jeweled colors really set a statement and are luxurious to look at! Beautiful anemone flower just pops on the wreath, but the accented grasses help bring that “peacock” theme to life. Use this piece for a bold statement anywhere in your home or outdoors!  Measures approximately 24″ and may need “fluffing” after shipment.

Barbed Wire Wreath
Rustic Farmhouse Barbed Wire Wreath with Real-Feel Anemones
Available on Etsy
This stunning barbed wire wreath features real-feel white anemones with white ranunculus and lambs ear. Topped off with burlap and dark denim ribbon! Hang from any angle you prefer. Perfect addition to your rustic or farmhouse style! Bring the “Farm Life” into your home with this gorgeous wreath!


Pulley Shelf

Antique Pulley Shelf
Made to Order
We were in desperate need of storage!  One pulley turned into two for the shelving unit in our bathroom.  These shelves fit perfectly above our toilet and between the wall and medicine cabinet/mirror.  We stained the shelving wood, hung the pulleys, and hand-tied the knots to be level.
Shelves can be made to order for size, stain, and number.  Pulleys are dependent on stock and availability (some are metal, some are wooden).


Check Out the Items We Love

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.  The items listed below are part of our Amazon Affiliate program.  For your purchase we receive a small amount at no additional cost to you.

  • Leuchtturm1917 B5 – we use this notebook for our Bullet Journaling
  • Now Foods – we use their essentail oils for Jen’s Equine Bodywork business and ourselves and have been very pleased with the results.  We also have used their xanthum gum for cooking with non-gluten flours.
  • Bob’s Red Mill – we’ve used their non-gluten flours, including sorghum flour, and have been very happy with the results.  They are a reputable miller of flours and their business integrity is inspiring.
  • Klein Tools – Wire Cutter/Stripper – while installing electric in the old barn, we got these wire cutter/strippers and have been in love since!  They can cut 14/2- and 12/2-gauge wire as well as strip it!
  • Maverick SEC-2 Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker – Jen has tried to boil eggs several different ways, and they never turn out.  An egg-cooker her mom used was always her go-to solution.  Once the old one died, she got this and it works pretty well – plus, it looks like a chicken and “chirps” when the eggs are done!
  • Biofreeze – We love this for aches and pains!  Get the Gel or Roll On.  After a hard day’s work, our bodies don’t recuperate as well as they used to and need a little help – instead of taking pills and NSAID’s, we reach of Biofreeze and it works great!