Accidental Picture of Life

An Accidental Picture of Life – two things my grandparents loved and passed down to me.

I Never Made A Spaghetti Sauce I Liked

Until now! My mom – for all her wonderful cooking – never made her own spaghetti sauce.  She made her own lasagna sauce, but never spaghetti.  So I (mostly) did the same; I just found a jar of sauce I liked.  And I kept using it.  Once in a while I’d try a spaghetti sauce…

Skunk Dogs

Farm Dog Raisin loves to be a dog. Which means – she loves to run, dig holes, and hunt and chase for critters. Lucky for us – some of those critters include the skunk.

The Science Is In – Get Your Vitamin D

I came across a magazine called “Mary Jane’s Farm” a few years ago and immediately fell in love!  It had simple articles of how-to’s, farming, gardening, cooking, and general feel-good stories. In the latest issue I found (because I sadly don’t subscribe), there was an article entry about the importance of Vitamin D.  We all…

Why Homestead

This life is worth the work and effort required to be successful.

The Journey Begins

To be truthful, that title was part of the website host’s template!  But I (Jen) found it so apropos to start this blog/site that I had to use it! Why so appropriate?  Because this site is the start of a new adventure, a new journey, a new future. There are so many things I want…