Skunk Dogs

Farm Dog Raisin loves to be a dog. Which means – she loves to run, dig holes, and hunt and chase for critters. Lucky for us – some of those critters include the skunk.

We Needed Storage!

We Needed Storage! Check out how we repurposed amazing antique pulleys into a unique storage unit for the bathroom!

Save Money by Buying Per Ounce

Need to save some money? How about money on your grocery/food budget? Buy groceries by the OUNCE and SAVE! Check out this example – Garlic Powder.  Granted, this is the Walmart/Great Value brand, so it’s significantly cheaper to begin with, but don’t make the mistake I almost did. First – the teeny tiny container that is only…

Farm Dog PSA

My dog may not be the right dog – for you. Educate yourself so you get your perfect dog – like me!

The Science Is In – Get Your Vitamin D

I came across a magazine called “Mary Jane’s Farm” a few years ago and immediately fell in love!  It had simple articles of how-to’s, farming, gardening, cooking, and general feel-good stories. In the latest issue I found (because I sadly don’t subscribe), there was an article entry about the importance of Vitamin D.  We all…

Why Homestead

This life is worth the work and effort required to be successful.