Nancy’s Pizza

I can’t describe this pizza – you just have to eat it!

Nancy's Pizza

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Many – many – years ago, we had a friend who would visit us who couldn’t eat yeast.  I don’t really know why (it wasn’t like today where everybody has a gluten allergy).  But we all loved pizza, and traditional pizza crust had yeast.  So my mom came up with a different crust – biscuits.

Since the friend’s name was Nancy, we always called this “Nancy’s Pizza”.  The only real difference is the crust – you can put any toppings on it you like.  Usually we’d just by a bag of pepperoni or fry up some regular breakfast sausage.

Now, biscuits might sound gross for a pizza crust, but I’m telling you –

You can get any kind of biscuit (I tend to stay away from the “super puffy” ones as even when I squish them down the crust is a bit too much).  The flavor and texture is different, but there are some days where I just crave this pizza.  I use two rolls of the cheap stuff – some have extra buttery, extra flaky – but use what you like, or get one of each and try each end!  Just lay them out and squish them down.  I usually have 1-2 extra I just smash anywhere.  And seriously – smash them down.  They puff up like crazy.

Savings Tip Numero-Uno!  Do NOT – I repeat:  DO NOT – buy pizza sauce!  Spaghetti sauce is pretty much the same thing, only you get 2-3 times as much for half the price!  And it comes in different flavors!

I still didn’t want to pay for sauce, so I found this awesome pizza sauce recipe and made it in my blender bottle.  I did use only half the recipe as I was making a half sheet pan sized pizza.  And you know how when you use tomato paste and half of it (and your spoon) get stuck by the edge where you opened the can (or – in my frustrated case – you slice/tear the spatula on the edge)?  Try using the can opener a different way – from the top.  It takes a bit of thought process at work, but the whole top end comes off and there’s no edge to slice your utensil on!

I put everything – paste, water, seasonings – in the blender bottle and shook away!  The glump of paste turned into pizza sauce!  If you like a thicker sauce, don’t add as much water.  This made a bit more than the ideal amount for my pizza, but I slathered it on anyway.  If it still has a tomato “bite” to it, add another sprinkle of sugar (it will tone down the acidity).

Check out my “Blender Bottle Hack” moment!

I’m doing this post a bit backwards, but I wanted to highlight the sauce and crust.  While I was doing all this I was browning the sausage.  Sometimes I get pepperoni, but since we have a freezer full of pork I used sausage we had on hand.  I also HIGHLY – HIGHLY! – recommend one of these Mix N Chop things from Pampered Chef!  If you’re like me and like your meat crumbled up very fine, there isn’t much that can get it as good as this thing!

So you have your crust, your sauce, your meat/topping, and then CHEESE!!

I love cheese.  Like – love it.  No, seriously – LOVE it.  And my pizza won’t have less than the 4 cup bag of shredded cheese.  Typically we use all mozzarella, but one day I was short on it and added some cheddar, and that just blew the all-mozzarella out of the water.  So now, I try to have some cheddar on hand!  I also tend to put the majority down first, then my topping, then a bit more cheese so it melts and holds the meat in.

Bake it at 350-degrees for about 20-30 minutes, but watch it as it can vary based on where you put it in the oven.  I usually look to see how long the biscuits are supposed to take to bake per the packaging and go from there.  I also like my cheese slightly toasted!

Then – PRESTO!  Nancy’s Pizza!

We have some seriously good pizza places around us, but sometimes I don’t even want to think about having pizza (because sometimes we have a fresh one with leftovers multiple times a week … I can’t deny it), unless it’s this pizza!

Please enjoy – and let me know how it turns out for you!  It makes quite a bit, even for Colton and me.  We can usually get 6-8 servings out of it, more if we added a salad or breadsticks.

Nancy's Pizza

  • Servings: 6-8
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Homemade pizza with a crust twist!

Credit:  JCT Rustic Homestead


  • 2 cans of preferred biscuits
  • pizza sauce or half recipe of Cherished Bliss’s sauce
  • 4 cups cheese (mozzarella or mixture of preferences)
  • Toppings of choice


1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees 2.  If using sausage for topping – start cooking. 3.  While sausage is cooking, take out biscuits from can.  Squish down on a half-sheet pan, pizza stone, or other larger pan.  The biscuits will puff up a lot, but try to make sure there aren’t any holes between the biscuits. 4.  Put sauce all over biscuits.  Top with cheese and desired toppings. 5.  Bake 20 minutes and check – may need 10-20 more, depending on oven and location.  Just try to make sure the biscuits look done on the bottom.


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