Garden 2020 Roster

This year I may have gone a little overboard.  Maybe.  But I can’t help it!  It’s so exciting to brainstorm and look through seed sites and catalogs – the possibilities are endless and the colors and varieties too enticing to say no!

Garden 2020 Roster
Check out this year’s lineup of plants – we’re exploding at the seems!

So, here’s the “Roster” of the 2020 garden.  Many plants we hope to sell during a plant sale; some we hope to keep to sell the produce, and others we will save all to ourselves!  If there’s something you’re interested in, stay tuned and consider contacting us to reserve your plants!

(Note:  an “*” indicates we will NOT have this plant to sell; a “+” indicates we will NOT have produce to sell – we will be storing it for our year’s use unless we’re flooded; any extras will be offered and posted on our Facebook page or through newsletter subscription, although everything is subject to change!).

Be sure to read to the bottom for a special offer!

Garden 2020 Plants:

  • Tomatoes
    • Amish Paste
    • Black Cherry
    • Black Prince
    • Marion
    • Pineapple
  • Peppers
    • Autumn Bell Sweet
    • Chocolate Beauty Sweet
    • Coral Bell Sweet
    • Purple Beauty Sweet
    • Jalapeno (hot)
    • Santa Fe Grande (hot)
  • Broccoli
    • Calabrese
    • Purple (YES – PURPLE!!)
  • Onions*
    • Ruby Red Long day
    • Yellow Sweet Spanish
  • Gourd/Squash
    • Luffa
    • Black Beauty Zucchini
    • Butternut Squash
    • Delicata Squash
    • Yellow Bush Scallop Squash (aka, “pat-a-pans”)
    • Cornucopia Gourd Mix
  • Peas*+
    • Little Marvel Pea
    • Sugar Snap Pea
    • Tom Thumb Pea
  • Beans*+
    • Black Valentine Bush
    • Blue Lake Bush
    • Royal Burgundy Bush
    • Henderson Lima
    • Light Red Kidney
  • Herbs
    • Anise
    • Broad Leaf Sage
    • Chamomile
    • Common Thyme
    • Dark Green Flat Leaf Parsley
    • Dark Opal Basil
    • Echinacea/Purple Coneflower
    • Genovese Basil
    • Italian Large Leaf Basil
    • Lavender
    • Lemon Balm
    • Lemongrass
    • Mammoth Long Island Dill
    • Oregano
    • Peppermint
    • Rosemary
    • Slow Bolt Cilantro
    • Spearmint
    • Thai Basil
    • Triple Curled Parsley
  • Lettuce
    • Bibb Butterhead
    • Ruby Red (Leaf)
    • Prizehead Leaf
  • Root Veggies*
    • All American Parsnip
    • Assorted Beet Mix
    • Early Scarlet Globe Radish
    • Golden Ball Turnip
    • Purple Plum Radish
    • Rainbow Blend Carrot
    • Royal Chatenay Carrot
  • Corn*
    • Blue Hopi
    • Broomcorn/Ornamental Sorghum
    • Earthtones Corn
    • Glass Gem Corn
    • Indian Corn
    • Mini Blue Popcorn
    • Pod Corn
  • Flowers
    • Amaranth – Red Spike
    • Celosia – Pampas Plume
    • (Echinacea)
    • (Lavender)
    • Strawflowers
      • Apricot
      • Copper Red
      • Purple Red
      • Silvery Rose
    •  Sunflowers
      • Black Russian
      • Sungold Tall (“Teddy Bear” Sunflower!)
      • Mammoth
      • Autumn Beauty

As a disclaimer – many of these plants availability requires my ability to grow them!  This is a huge lineup of seeds and variety, but as I have said before – my seed eyes are bigger than my greenhouse/garden space!  And for some reason I’m hopeful that we can pull it off!

Besides – when everyone comes for the plant sale I won’t have nearly so many plants! ;P 

The beans and peas we will definitely be keeping for ourselves.  The broomcorn, corn, and root crops (except for carrots) I’m hoping to grow here and offer for sale as well as eat.  We’ve not eaten much of any root crops before, but I would like to try them, and in many circles they’re quite popular.  Also, a friend offered me “chips” made from many of those veggies and let’s just say – the beet chips were amazing!

Flowers.  I never thought myself to grow flowers.  They’re not practical, and I’m too practical to give up the space!  And yet – here I am, growing flowers.  I will say having the neighbor’s bees show up (even appearing the first of March!) has me wanting to provide more flowers to feed them.  They are such beneficial creatures and so delicate to wipe out.

I am perhaps most excited for the herbs!  I don’t know why – I only use a few for cooking.  But the medicinal properties are endless and many of them are great for tea (which … I don’t drink.  But I should.  Especially since I’m growing so many herbs!).  I won’t go into the properties and benefits of herbal remedies – those are best left to the experts.  And I am by no means someone who only treats with herbs or “all natural ingredients”.  I love my high fructose corn syrup and preservatives with the rest of you.  But I have seen and experienced many good things from their use.  A cough that wouldn’t go away, a wound that wouldn’t heal, upset stomach, pressing headache … it’s a rabbit hole left for another day!

Plus – all these plants would make wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day (hint, hint!), or a great addition to your flower bed or tea garden.

So mark your calendars!

We hope to host a plant sale in May and I’m already brainstorming a “Taste the Farm” or something for the summer so others can try different crops for themselves.  If you have any suggestions – or would just like to help brainstorm – shoot us a message at !

**DISCLAIMER**  Due to the necessary social distancing, we are considering having an “on your honor” sale.  You may pick the plants you want and deposit money.  We’ll just trust you to pay!  We hope to have a public sale May 2 or May 16.  These decisions will have to be made depending on the coming weeks.  For immediate information please watch our Facebook page or subscribe to our newsletter.

Special Offer!

So the only reason you read through this post was for this point, wasn’t it??  Don’t worry – I do it too!

But seriously – I have something special for you!

Newsletter subscribers will receive a free “perk” at our plant sale)!  PLUS, new subscribers will receive a free Herb Info download!

Don’t forget – subscribe to our YouTube channel!  We’ve been super busy on there this spring due to being “stuck at home”!  Unfortunately, it’s more fun farming, although it’s a LOT more work!


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